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"Joan Holman is a well-spring of spiritual wisdom and business acumen. And she cares and gives. A true light in this world."

bestselling author and stage performer Patrick Combs 

"Joan Holman is a wonderful book consultant. Not only is she very patient, but she's also very knowledgeable about all aspects of the book biz. It was great having her a phone call away during the entire process of creating a book, and beyond!"

–Marc Berlin, Author, Obama Confidential: Strange, Odd, and Bizarre Letters to the 44th President

Do You Have A Book Idea?In today's world of publishing, the new paradigm is self-publishing. It has never been easier to publish your own book and distribute it to a world-wide audience. As a book development specialist, I can help you navigate the often confusing path to self-publishing, and work with you on all aspects of writing, naming, designing and publishing a book, whether it is a print book, print-on-demand book, or e-book. 

Whether you are a traditionally-published or self-published author, I can help you with book development and book marketing. Ideally, I can work with you right from the beginning of the development of your book, to optimize it for its marketing potential. Today all book marketing is online marketing so you need to develop your book with online marketing in mind. Bookstores are dying. Newspapers are dying. Online use is growing. Great marketing starts with the actual development of your book, its title, its cover, its content and a strategy for targeting your ideal audience through online promotion. In 2008, I was named as one of the top online marketing gurus in the world, and this is where you must focus your book marketing efforts. 

Dear Authors,

Books Are Powerful Tools that Can Educate, Inspire, Entertain & Infuence –I have loved books my whole life. Books can change lives. Books have changed my life. Nonfiction, fiction, biography, self-help, business books. All kinds of books have been powerful teachers and influencers for me.


Your Book Can Change A Life–One of the most influential books in my life was Auntie Mame. When I read that book at the age of 12, it opened me to a whole new world beyond the small town in North Dakota where I lived. It recounted the adventures of an orphan who became the ward of his outrageously unconventional and eccentric aunt. Now, I, too, had been an orphan, and being adopted by Auntie Mame sounded very appealing to me. I longed to be swept up into her world of cosmopolitan glamour, drama and adventure. Reading that book fueled my imagination about the possibilities for my own life beyond my small town. It inspired me to follow her motto and live life to the fullest.

I will help you:

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes & Make the Best Publishing Choices
  • Create A More Marketable Book & A Winning Book Cover
  • Create A Book Marketing Strategy for Your Published or Soon-To-Be Published Book
  • Save Time & Money & Achieve Your Publishing Goals


E-Books & Self-Publishing Are Upending the Book Industry–The publishing world has been turned on its head by the shift from print books to ebooks fueled by the proliferation of e-reading devices and tablet computers and free self-publishing tools offered by Amazon and such services as Smashwords.

As An Individual Creator Today You Have Unprecented Freedom Made Possible by The Internet & Technology–Today there is unprecented freedom for the individual creator, all made possible by the Internet and other technology. The disintermediation that happened in the music industry is happening in the publishing industry. Today, there are free e-book creation apps and worldwide distribution available to those who want to self-publish.  


I Will Help You Avoid "Self-Publishing" Nightmares–A couple of years ago, an author sought my advice about publishing her book. She was planning on using a print-on-demand publisher named Publish America. I told her that would be a terrible choice, for many reasons that I knew about, but she did not. In fact, I just recently found out that a class action lawsuit has been filed against Publish America by authors dissatisfied with their services. Publish America claims to have published books by 50,000 authors, and so many people were unaware of problems with this publisher. 

I do extensive research on the different self-publishing services and providers and only recommend those that have good reputations and good performance.

You Must Avoid Bad Book Cover Design that Screams "Self-Published" & "Bad Book"–Recently, a self-published author showed me her newly-published book and I could not believe how bad the book cover was. Not only did it look "self-published" in the print edition, it looked absolutely terrible- online. It was not even legible when shrunk down to a smaller size in the Amazon bookstore, and it had no outline or definition to it, so it was washed out. It did not even look like a book. 

You Need to Invest In Your Book Cover Design Because Great Covers Sell Books–Book covers sell books and in today's online world, book marketing is about online marketing, not bricks and mortar bookstore marketing. Your book cover must look great when shrunk down to two times the size of a postage stamp, because that's the size people will see it when posted on Amazon.com and on other book retailing websites. Today books are marketed online, so make sure your book looks great online.

Maximizing Your Book Marketing Efforts–In 2008 I was named as one of the top online marketing gurus in the country and featured in the book Online Marketing Heroes (John Wiley & Sons) with VPs of Google, Yahoo!, Southwest Airlines and other industry leaders. As an Internet marketing pioneer going back to the early days (1995) I was one of the first people in the world to start developing websites and do online marketing. This means you will benefit by a wealth of experience and knowledge that I will use to help you with your online marketing for your book.

You Can Save Money and Test The Market for Your Book by Starting Out with An E-Book and/or Print-On-Demand Book–It used to be that an author would have to print large quantities of books and warehouse them in order to save money on production costs. Many authors have garages full of books they have not sold. Today you can have books printed one at a time or in very small quantities by doing print on demand. It does cost more per book, however, it reduces your risk. And you can sell print-on-demand books online through Amazon and have them ship the books and the buyer pays for the shipping and not you. 

You Can Publish An EBook for Free Using the Kindle App–But why not start out with a eBook, which you can publish for free using the free Kindle app. Your investment will be in the book's development, editing and a great book cover, as well as online marketing efforts.

Ebook sales will grow from just less than $1 billion in the United States in 2010 to more than $2.8 billion in 2015. – (John McQuivey, Forrester Research)

I Have Worked with Both Traditionally-Published & Self-Published Authors–I offer a full range of publishing consulting services. I have worked with authors published by Simon and Schuster, Hay House, Random House, McGraw-Hill and other major publishers. 

Book Shepherding–I can act as a book shepherd to guide your entire publication process from manuscript development to printed book, whether it be an e-book or a printed book. 

Treat Your Book As A Business Start-Up to Increase Your Chances for Success–The time to start marketing your book is right at the very beginning of the development of your book. There are several authors with whom I have worked to change the content or their books, the story development, the book title and other aspects of the branding and positioning of the book.

As a published author myself, and a ghostwriter, and a bibliophile, I am passionate about my love of books. I love working with authors and advising them about the vest best strategies for the development, publication and marketing of their books.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how I might "nurture" you and your book project!

To your success,

Joan Holman

Book Marketing Diva & Internet Marketing Guru


You Can Count on Me to Help You Make the Best Choices!–I love working with authors to help develop and publish books and bring those books to the world. Today there are so many different choice for self-publishing and marketing a book, and I know it can be very hard to know who to trust and how best to proceed.

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